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A Brighter Promotion

If you have ever been bored by the business you are in....come join ours!  There is always, always, always something new to discover, and that's why we love what we do.

Amber happened across this product that I just had to share with all of you...

Meet the "PROJECTO CUP"!

WHAT it is....The projecto cup is a new spin on a traditional stadium cup.  Use this drinkware when you have an event at a restaurant, lounge or bar to be sure your logo is seen!  This pint glass projects your logo on the bar or table when you pick it up to take a drink.  What a fun what to attract attention to your brand during an evening function!

*WARNING: Make sure the glass is EMPTY if you wish to project your logo on a wall :)

WHY we love it....Because it lights up, of course!  There are many unique ways to display you or your sponsors logo for an event, but this will truly catch the attention of your audience. In addition to that, it is a novelty item that will be kept and not tossed after the event comes to a close.

Want pricing and more info? CLICK HERE! And be sure to call your branding specialist today to get samples and place your order.

1 comment(s)

    • Suzanne
    • Wednesday, December 15 2010

    That is really different and pretty cool!