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Grow your Business for Spring!

It's shaping up to be a busy spring season at LogoBranders!!  To start the year off right, we added this little man to our office staff...

 Meet 'Gizmo', Zoey's Assistant Office Manager. Here he is with Terry, isn't he simply ADORABLE?

Things are hopping behind our office doors with lots of great things to talk about.  With golf tournaments on the horizon, nurses and doctors days for our hospitals, company picnics and employee appreciation days, there is a lot to start planning for.  We love this time of year!!! In addition to all of this, we have a very exciting announcement to make!  You, our customers, have always known and loved us for the high quality logo'd promotional products that we supply you with day in and day out, along with our exceptional service.  With the start of a brand new year, we've decided to add to our menu of offerings something we think you will love.  We are now giving you the opportunity to use LogoBranders as a one-stop shop for all of your high end gift items.  If you have the need for non logo'd, specialty items for gift giving purposes, let us help narrow down some options for you.  We have begun working with some wonderful suppliers that give us great discounts off retail pricing to help us be able to offer you some beautiful items.  From highly fragrant candles, to top of the line grilling accessories, all the way to crystal vases and glassware, let us help you pick something out that will really make an impact on your recipients.  Just call your branding specialist and let him or her know what your project entails, and we will bring you some ideas to match your needs.

It was hard to narrow down what I wanted to mention as a glimpse into this new offering, but I've decided to go with Napa Home and Garden.  Since warmer weather is on the way, I thought about doing a great promotion to say "thank you" to those around you who have helped grow your business.  Napa offers some beautiful ceramic cachepots that would be a great start to a perfect package. 

I like these the best: "Trocadero Herb Cachepot with Saucer"[in white-even the name is fabulous], "Tulip Cachepot" [featured below in pacific blue], and "Fleur De Lis Cachepot" [in tangerine]

Allow us to take your favorite style and package this up for you with potting soil and your favorite seeds, bring it all together with a clear cello wrapping and beautiful ribbon tie and a "Thanks for helping us grow our business!" custom hang tag.  Your recipients will be so impressed with your creativity and thankful to have something they will use and enjoy around their home!  The pots shown above are affordable and budget friendly coming in at between $7.00-$20.00/each, depending on what style you are interested in. 

This is just a small taste of what we can do. Call your branding specialist for all the scoop TODAY!

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    • Dr. Mimi Evelyn Johnson
    • Tuesday, March 23 2010

    I love Gizmo....Erica and I stopped by a few days ago and we had the pleasure to meet Gizmo. I have a shih tzu also...her name is Diva.