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LogoBranders reaches Africa!

The story of the traveling backpack...

Amanda recently sold a great-looking drawstring backpack to Auburn University Montgomery for their  Leadership Conference 2010 for educational professionals.  After those bags were given out, a Faulkner University employee (also one of Amanda's customers!) happened to pick one up (probably because it was so awesome).  Faulkner was, at that time, gathering up donated items to take with a group that was going on a mission trip to Africa.  Consequently, the traveling bag was donated and put on a plane never to return again to the states!

Here is the lucky recipient...

There is no doubt that this bag will serve as a great tool for this young boy to use for school or personal belongings in a community where items such as this are scarce but sorely needed. 

What a story about how promotional products impact us globally!

2 comment(s)

    • Terry
    • Friday, February 11 2011

    What I love is how proud he is of his bag - shows how much we all take for granted.

    • Victoria
    • Wednesday, March 02 2011

    What a heatwarming story!