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Paddling to a Victory billboard


Paddling to a Victory

Montgomery's Dragon Boat Race is a fairly new event in the capital city, but one that is quickly becoming a popular duel between businesses around town.  Held at our own riverfront, it's a great day of friendly competition out on the water.  One of the biggest parts of the day is the t-shirt contests that are held.  Lucky for our lovely customers, we had just the resources they needed to be in the mix! Our fabulous Addy Award winning graphic artist Jessica Ramspeck worked together with our sales reps to create some pretty unbelievable shirt designs. 

Check out the winner of Best Team Uniform! Amanda Flaherty's customer Wilson Price had these hilarious shirts and looks like they were all very proud...A big cheers to their staff for coming up with the catchy phrase "Accountants of the Caribbean"!

(we are neither confirming nor denying that Jessica appeared at the Dragon Boat Race and slyly took some of these candids)

Rachal Hightower has begun working with All Med (formerly Pri Med) and has had the opportunity to do some great projects with them.  Here is their good looking team complete with their LogoBranders printed shirts, hats and frisbees.  The back print on their shirt came out so well with the bright pops of color.   Looking good, guys!!!


And lastly, the MAC Oar Eagles beat out the Row Tide!!!  Some great looking, creative shirts done by our newest Branding Specialist Haley Scott--way to go!


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    • Jessica
    • Wednesday, October 19 2011

    That was an awesome day and I have to say that the shirts you guys did looked better than any of the other teams! Go LogoBranders!!