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Promote your company website!


Since we launched the new and improved LogoBranders company website, we are all about promoting it!  We quickly learned that hard work and lots of long hours go into perfecting a web page to perfectly define who you are and display exactly what you offer.  We know that you feel the same way about your own company website, so this Web Key Travel Mouse is the perfect promotional product to boost traffic to your URL.


WHAT it is....It might look like a regular Joe travel mouse, but if you look closely there is an eButton right in the center.  Your recipient will plug this mouse into their computer, click the eButton and automatically be driven to your website!  Is this an easy way to drive traffic to your site or what?!  Your imprint area is right where the pad of the hand sits and is about 1" x 5/8".  Although this is a rather small imprint area, use it to display just your company logo and let your website say the rest.

WHY we love it....As stated, we love the idea of driving your customers/recipients to your website.  A well run website can say and do so much for your business and we know that first hand.  Use this one promotional product to introduce your website to potential customers, buyers, students, employees....whoever you may be trying to reach!  Your minimum order is only 50 pieces, and at just under $11.00 this is a great bang for your buck based on the returns we know you will see.

A quick Case Study: A college/university really wants to promote the ability to sign up for online classes.  Enrollment lines are long and frustrate students.  And with most students these days owning laptops, smaller retractable mice go hand in hand.  But with the ability to program the web key to take the student to the online enrollment center of the college's website makes a true "one click stop" to sign up for those most popular classes.  The college gets an immediate retraction in enrollment lines, clearing up staff to do other tasks like processing other requests.  The students get a really cool product they'll use day in and day out

Call your branding specialist QUICKLY to see a sample of this must-have techie product! Thanks to Michelle for bringing this great idea to sales meeting!!!

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