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Waterproof your essentials for summer! billboard


Waterproof your essentials for summer!

I am remiss in updating you on cool new projects, and I won't even muster up an excuse. Instead, I'll provide you with an oh-so-irresistible promotional product for your beach conferences this summer.  Last week in sales meeting, Amanda (who consequently is gearing up for a cruise!) brought in this cool idea from Hit Promotional Products.

Meet the "Handy Waterproof Underwater Pouch with Neck Cord".  Long name, long-lasting promotion.

WHAT it does....Keeps your valuables safe and dry against any water damage with its Triple Zip-Loc and Velcro closure.  Just drop your beloved blackberry along with your car keys and ID into either your blue or clear pouch and worry no more should your belongings become submerged in water.

WHY we love it....Every spring we have loads of customers looking for cool new promotions for their beach conferences at an affordable price.  There are so many applications for this  little guy, and it travels light as well.  It is definitely an new approach on the old beach ball or 6-pack cooler.

We know that you love it, and we're certain you'll love it even more now that you know it's only $1.89(1 color imprint) with just a 100 piece minimum.  Let us drop ship these to your conference site and save you some hassle!



1 comment(s)

    • Amanda
    • Tuesday, April 20 2010

    We used this when we went swimming in the beautiful waters of Cozumel and it really works! Kept my money and passport safe and dry!