Promo Tip #12

If a pen is given as a "gift," be sure to check into packaging options... even a simple cellophane wrapper will make it seem more meaningful.




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 Welcome to the Product Search Center.

Here's where you can browse for ideas or search for specific products in a number of ways.

First, you can shop nearly our entire database with specific parameters, such as product categories using a quantity and budget.  This will give you images and details that your LogoBranders Branding Specialist can then use to help narrow the search to the best source and price.  You can easily email us your search results.  If you would like to use this search engine, click the graphic below: 

Product Search


We have assembled catalog web sites of some of our favorite, preferred suppliers.  These are people we know well and whose products and services we trust.  "Shopping" by catalog is an easy way to garner ideas if you are stumped, or want to see a family of similar products in just a few pages.  Click the link below to go to our preferred supplier page:


Remember!  Your LogoBranders Branding Specialist is there to offer ideas and search out the best sources as part of our service to you.  Use our search tools to create your wish list...  let us do the rest!